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Are Loot Boxes a fun addition to games, or a shameless cash grab

May 1, 2014

Before we say anything, this is not an article on microtransactions, this is about the rewards system known as Loot Crates. One of the most controversial changes in gaming is the creation of Loot Boxes. It is where a game offers a random set of gear or items that a player can add onto their character that results in various cosmetic changes.


What causes potential worry within the community?

Gamers are concerned about Loot Boxes due to the high probability that they will form into a microtransaction spree. The abuse of microtransactions has become a popular issue within the mobile gaming community to the point that the term freemium games have been termed.


Freemium games are games that are originally free, but require the frequent use of microtransactions to make the game remotely enjoyable. Thus costs adds up for individual players who ends up spending more on a freemium game than they would on a typical game on a console. This type of mechanic left a deep rooted fear by the gaming community as gaming companies increase the use of DLC's and other gaming items like skins and weapons


But the biggest reasons are these five current events gaming that have caused justified suspicion


1. EA and Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransaction

One of the biggest controversies in the gaming community is the Loot Crate system in Star Wars Battlefront, and whether or not it is a pay to win system. Star Wars Battlefront 2 infamously has a hybrid system where there are Loot Crates


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